Imagine my surprise to be writing my second bear story of the day. Earlier, I showed you the video of the Canadian hunter getting a close-up visit from a young bear while hanging out in his hunting stand.

But lo and behold, I open my email this afternoon, and receive an interestingly titled robo-mail from Stearns County. At first glance I was tickled to discover I had yet another opportunity to bring you a bear story, but then as the title of the email connected, I realized that there just might be more than your run-of-the-mill "I saw a bear in my yard!!!" story.

The email evoked a chuckle and a shake of my head, as I realized the alarming title was merely a poor use of punctuation and sentence structure. It read;

"Great Photos of Black Bear Sighting in Albany and History Museum Pub Crawl"


I wonder if he was even checked for ID?

Now a bear sighting in Albany is rare enough, but a bear running amok at the History Museum Pub Crawl is certainly worth checking into...

It was probably a brown bear, as they are the more gregarious sub-species. I would imagine he turned quite a few heads sauntering into The Veranda and ordering a Woodchuck Hard Cider, or possibly, if he's lucky they might have a bottle of mead on hand.

But don't worry, we've nothing to fear, I've heard that bears are mostly fun drunks. With the exception of Winnie The Pooh, who is just a major d-bag when he gets a jag on.