WILLMAR  -- More information has been released about the shooting near Belgrade that killed a St. Michael-Albertville teacher Saturday.

According to the criminal complaint, Tim Larson arrived at his father's small farm to find 81-year-old Delbert Huber and 45-year-old Tim Huber on the property. The two men said they were hired by Larson's father to do the chores on the farm while Norman Larson was out of town. The 43-year-old son told the Hubers to move their farm equipment and come back Monday because he was going to be there all weekend.

Records show Delbert Huber was upset as they left because the Hubers had to move their equipment and also thought Larson stole $50 from Tim Huber's wallet. Court records also show the older Huber thought someone took tractor parts from them.

According to the complaint, the two men returned to the farm the next morning and after a brief argument, Delbert Huber shot Tim Larson once in the chest with a rifle, killing him.

Huber later called the sheriff's department to say he shot and killed a man.

Delbert Huber has been charged with second degree murder with intent and is being held on $5-million bail. 45-year-old Tim Huber has been charged with second degree murder -- liability crimes of another and accomplice after the fact -- second degree murder. Tim Huber is being held on $1-million bail.