ST. CLOUD -- Two paramedic students from Australia are getting first hand experience at how things are done in the United States.

"Why no one wouldn't want to take an opportunity like this, I thought I take it and go for it," says Grace Bennett.

Grace Bennett and Mikaela Brennan are entering their 3rd year of Paramedic studies at La Trobe University Rural campus in Bendigo, Australia.

Thanks to the schools connection with the Mayo Clinic, Bennett and Brennan have been touring different Gold Cross stations around the state.

"One of our professors at the University does a lot of research and is connected to some paramedics in Rochester and the Mayo Clinic, so he put out the opportunity to come over and do some filed experience," says Brennan.

The purpose of the program is to provide clinical education and hands-on experience and partnering with Gold Cross paramedics.

"I'm looking forward to getting as much experience as I can and working with crews that can teach me things I don't know yet," says Bennett

The two students will spend the next three days in St. Cloud working alongside Gold Cross paramedics learning new techniques.

"The skill level here is a bit higher then what we do back home," says Brennan. "We've learned a lot of new things."

The students have also done clinical rotations in Rochester and Duluth. They will head home on Monday.


Australia Paramedic students Grace Bennett and Mikaela Brennan learn from Gold Cross paramedics in St. Cloud. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)