ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man charged with attempted murder after allegedly assaulting another man has had his case halted after a judge has ruled him mentally incompetent.

Twenty-eight-year-old Solomon Roundtree is accused of assaulting the 41-year-old man last April. Witnesses told police Roundtree was yelling and when the victim opened his door and asked what he was yelling about, a loud boom was heard.

Records show witnesses then saw Roundtree repeatedly stomping on the man's head as he lay unconscious. The witnesses say when they told Roundtree to stop because he was going to kill the man, Roundtree shouted obscenities, told the man "to die" and continued stomping on the man's head.

The victim was taken to St. Cloud Hospital with bleeding on the brain.

Roundtree also has a pending fifth degree assault charge against him involving the victim and had a no contact order stemming from a November 2014 incident.

A petition is being filed for Roundtree to be committed to a treatment program in hopes of rehabilitating him to face the charges.