ARDEN HILLS - Over 130 vehicles are up for auction on Saturday morning.

The State of Minnesota auction of surplus goods starts at 9:30 a.m. in Arden Hills.

Auction Manager Tim Soby says there's a wide range of vehicles to bid on. He says they're mostly fleet vehicles, like: Impala cars, mini vans, and light trucks.  He says they also have heavier duty trucks, a plow truck, and a mobility bus.

Soby says there's even some golf carts and a Kubota.

The vehicles come from several agencies, including: MnDOT, the DNR, the State Patrol, and the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department.

Soby says they've been doing state surplus auctions for well over 30 years.  This year they have 12 scheduled. Most of the auctions are in Arden Hills, but they do have some scheduled for Grand Rapids, Bemidji, and New Ulm.

Soby says they usually get about 300-500 people at each auction.

You register ahead of time by going to the website, but you do have to be in attendance to bid.