ST. AUGUSTA -- St. Augusta wants to replace a key piece of firefighting equipment, but the city will now have to find other ways to pay for it after they were turned down for a FEMA firefighting grant.  Mayor Bob Kroll says it won't stop them from finding a way to get the pumper truck...

We've got to update our equipment.  It's 30-years-old.  The truck itself is alright, but it's the pumps and valves and all that which get worn out.  We have to have reliable equipment.  We haven't been let down yet but ya' know the day is coming.

The aging pumper truck is more than 30-years-old and came from the old St. Cloud Township Volunteer Fire Department.

The new truck can cost up to $500,000 which is a hefty price tag for a city St. Augusta's size. So, Kroll has been out gathering donations and has raised between $200,000-$250,000. The remaining balance will be paid for either through a USDA grant or a low-interest loan from Stearns Electric's Revolving Loan Fund.

Kroll says none of this would have been possible without the businesses and residents in town...

We've only been a fire department for 10 years, going on 11.  Everything that we have there is paid for.  You can thank the residents of St. Augusta for that.

Once the money is secured and the order is placed, Kroll says it will take a year for the truck to arrive.