ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud State University conducted a survey last fall asking over 500 randomly-selected landlines and cell phones in Minnesota about their views on immigration.

The results say over 60 percent of Minnesotans believe immigration has a positive effect on the country, citing cultural diversity as the top benefit.

30 percent of Minnesotans disagreed that immigration has a positive effect, saying immigration is an unwanted hassle on the government.

SCSU has conducted an annual fall survey for the past 34 years, using student directors and workers to gather and analyze the data as part of several social science classes. The past five surveys have focused on the issue of immigration.

The topic of immigration is in the national spotlight this week as a Texas judge has blocked President Obama's executive action to grant work permits and extend deferred deportations for undocumented parents of American citizens and for undocumented immigrants who were brought into the country as children.