ST. CLOUD -- In this first installment of our "Frozen In Time" Series we caught up with Al's Westside Services.

Owners, Chuck Athman and Jerry Janski bought the Mobile Gas Station on 3rd Street North in 1975, today it serves as St. Cloud's only full service and repair station.

Unlike other gas stations, a full service station fills your tank, checks your fluid levels, tire pressure and cleans your windows.

The owners decided to keep the station a repair shop instead of turning it into a convenient store like most stations in the area.

Athman says back in the 1970's when he started working in the automotive business full-service was the way he was taught. He decided to carry on that tradition.

Athman say he has to frequently explain what a full-serve island is to some of his customers.

In addition to the full-service island, they have the option to fill your tank up at a regular pump. Winter and summer time are the busiest for full-service.

Athman says they take care of their customers the way they'd like to be taken care of when they go somewhere.

See a video of Al's Westside Service below.