ST. CLOUD - The United States Navy's flight demo team has announced their intention to bring the Blue Angels back to St. Cloud.  They announced their 2015 schedule yesterday (Monday), which includes a two-day stop at the St. Cloud Regional Airport.  They're scheduled to perform here on  July 4th and 5th.

However, the Boys Scouts of Central Minnesota say that's a surprise to them. Scout Executive David Trehey says the Blue Angels floated the 4th of July date by them, but the Boy Scouts declined, because he says they're not in a position to host an air show on such a busy weekend.

Trehey says the didn't send a representative to Las Vegas this week for the announcement because he thought their refusal was a done deal.  Now he says they're trying to reach the Blue Angels to see where they go from here.

The Blue Angels made their first-ever appearance in St. Cloud back in June of 2010.  They were scheduled to be here earlier this year as well, but the Blue Angels team was grounded, due to the federal sequester.