GILMAN - The National Weather Service storm survey team spent the day today (Monday) in Benton County and have confirmed a small tornado did touch down in the northeast corner of the county last (Sunday) evening.

At 5:47 p.m. an EF0 tornado touched down about three-miles southwest of Morrill. It tracked east northeast for about 5.8 miles and then dissipated as it entered Morrison County at 6:02 p.m.

There was some tree damage and structural damage along the path. It was about 150 yards wide.  The maximum wind strength was 75 miles an hour.

Meteorologist Tony Zaleski says a storm chaser reported a number of trees blown down, a roof was blown off a barn, and several windows were damaged in a building and in some vehicles.

The weather service says it received other reports of funnel clouds in Benton county elsewhere about the same time. There are no reports of injuries.

Hail measuring more than 2 inches in diameter fell in Morrison County.

Picture courtesy of the National Weather Service
Map courtesy of the National Weather Service