UNDATED -- Governor Mark Dayton is happy with the progress being made in this year's State Legislative session.  He says the budget bills are making progress towards his desk.  However, he says so far the 10 budget bills don't add up to a balanced budget.

Besides the budget bills, they're also dealing with issues like a Vikings stadium, Racinos, and whether to entertain a bonding bill.   Dayton says a major bonding bill would help get Minnesotans back to work.

Dayton has included money to build a new parking ramp next to the expanded St. Cloud Civic Center in his bonding bill proposal.

The Republicans who introduced a Vikings Stadium bill in the State House and Senate have been getting a luke warm response to their proposal from their fellow Republicans.  However, Democratic Governor Dayton thinks it's right on track.  However, Dayton calls it a "People's stadium" not a "Vikings Stadium".  He says the NFL team would only use the facility 10 days out of the year, the rest of the time it would benefit the state.

State Lawmakers are on Easter/Passover break this week.  They head back to the state Capitol on Tuesday.  The deadline for the end of the session is May 23rd.

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