WAITE PARK - Minnesotans will be hearing a lot about same sex marriage over the next several months.  Voters will decide whether to write a ban on gay marriage into the state's constitution in November of 2012.

Last (Friday) night, supporters of marriage equality held a rally in Waite Park.

Monica Meyer is the Executive Director of Out Front Minnesota.  She says she's hopeful Minnesotans will reject the amendment.

She says more and more rural Minnesotans know gay couples, and support their right to be legally married.

Last night's event was the 2nd annual marriage equality rally in the St. Cloud area.  There was also a march down Division Street held yesterday.

Same sex marriage is legal in six states, but it wasn't voted on by the citizens in any of those cases.  It was either approved by the legislature or the courts.  Same sex marriage is illegal in Minnesota, and whether the amendment in 2012 passes or fails same sex marriage will still be illegal.