More and more people are working from home due to Covid-19 and Talent Director Gail Cruikshank from the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation says many people are finding themselves as more productive.  Gail says advantages for employees to working remotely include spending more time with family/friends, eating healthier because they aren't eating out as much, more time to exercise, less commute time, less gas expense and a flexible daily schedule.  Gail says advantages for employers include saving on overhead costs, office supplies, and office space along with online meetings which can be more efficient, less water cooler socializing and top talent may not need to live in the community they work in.  Listen below.


Remote working could also include a hybrid of 1-3 days a week working remotely while going into the office for remaining days.  Gail says 82% of workers want to work from home at least once a week.  She says 57% of workers want to work from home 3 days per week.  Gail says employers would need a system to hold employees accountable for this to work.  She says it is possible that workers could become more productive while working less hours.

Working remotely could also benefit employers and employees with disabilities.  For more information on a virtual event being conducted at St. Cloud State go here.  To learn more about jobs in the St. Cloud area go to

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