Occasionally a book comes out that catches my eye, so I get a hold of the author and share some insights on the book and look beyond the printed word into the the writer's process and subject matter. Hopefully hearing the writers talk about their work will inspire you to pick up the work.

My special guest this morning was Reshma Saujani her new book is WOMEN WHO DON’T WAIT IN LINE: Break the Mold, Lead the Way.  Reshma is the former New York City Deputy Public Advocate - She ran for U.S. Congress in New York in 2010 and she’s the founder of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that prepares underserved girls for careers in technology.
In her book WOMEN WHO DON’T WAIT IN LINE  she looks to inspire young women–of all races and backgrounds– to  live their dream.

Listen to the entire interview with Reshma