ST. CLOUD - If you've lived in the St. Cloud area for any amount of time you've heard of the "St. Cloud Superman".  But there's a new caped crusader in town, and up until now he's been very elusive.  WJON News has been able to get an exclusive interview with the "St. Cloud State Man In Black".

He spends his days roaming the SCSU campus looking for ways to spread good deeds.  And although his true identity remains a mystery, he granted us a rare interview -- on the condition that we alter his voice to protect his identity.  The Man In Black says he wants to be known as a positive force.

The do-gooder says since he created his alter-ego he's done simple things like delivering cupcakes and shoveled snow.  And he hopes his positive energy will catch on.

"The idea is to do good things," said The Man In Black.  "I wanted some good news out there and I just try to do some good and positive things."

The Man In Black says his next event will be to participate in the Polar Bear Plunge this weekend.  As for what University officials have to say about him, he's not sure.  But he says he has encountered President Potter.

He says when the University sent out a news release last week that mentioned him, he knew his popularity was growing.

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SCSU Man In Black's Facebook page