It's Election Day. We've been bombarded with a mix of nonsense & chaos; It's hard to find the truth in the trash. With the votes coming in, I want to know how will all of us act tomorrow?

Whoever you vote for, what will you do if your Candidate wins tomorrow? Will you be a gloater? Will you be rubbing it in everyone's face? Will you be acting like a child with "I told you so's"....and Na na na na na's?  What will you do if your Candidate loses? Will you be on page with the Voters decisions? Or will you be screaming recount.

What ever happens today...we can either waste time whining and crying about the winner/loser....we can continue to question our friends and family and neighbors that have varying opinions...We can pout and lay down like a bunch of babies...block all of their policies so nothing gets done in our country again...Or we can start acting like a country united and put our differences aside and make changes that will protect people, move in a positive direction,and be the world leader that we should be. Humanitarian...Strong...Proud...Humble. All people matter.


So tomorrow, I choose to look ahead. Don't let this divide. Pull together. Educate yourself with facts before tossing any more judgements about. Learn  Learn Learn, and be respectful to others. We have to remember, this isn't a Vikings/Packers game...or a reality television show. This is real life.