There is a new trend on TikTok where users share where they would take someone they hate for a day out around their hometowns. 

I want in on this trend. Here is where I would take someone I hate around the St. Cloud area for a day.

First of all, I'm making this person drive me everywhere. Because then they have to deal with St. Cloud drivers all day long.

We would start the day going for breakfast at Kays Kitchen in St. Cloud, only to drive all the way there for them to realize it is closed. I knew that, but I hate this person. Instead of driving to St. Joseph to hit up the Kay's there for a good breakfast, I'm making them go across Division Street to the Burger King in the Savers parking lot. Not because that is a bad Burger King, but because it is a terrible parking lot to navigate.

Next on the to-do list is heading to the Crossroads Mall to do some returns. We park on the food court/Scheels side of the mall. But it's like 9:45 AM and the stores in the mall don't open until 11 so we just walk around carrying bags of returns past closed stores. I also realize I don't have the receipts I need to make the returns.

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From the mall, we are going to go to Munsinger Gardens. But let's pretend it is early November. It's chilly, the skies are gray, there are no flowers, and it hasn't been decorated for Christmas yet. It's a bad experience.

From there we drive all the way across town to Waite Park to go walk around Quarry Park. Same thing. Plants are dead and it's cold.

Then we go for a late lunch/early dinner. This person I hate wants Mexican. We have lots of good Mexican restaurants in town. I make them drive to St. Joseph to go eat at the Taco Johns. Mostly out of inconvenience.

It then comes time for us to part ways, but they are driving and need to drop me off. I need to be dropped off on the east side of St. Cloud near Hwy 10. They bring me over there, but they need to get back on 94 West to get home. They have to drive down Division around 6 PM, both ways. It's a nightmare.

How would you spend a day with someone you hate in the St. Cloud area? Share it on our mobile app!

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