WAITE PARK -- The Waite Park City Council decided not to take action tonight (Monday) on the Quiet Zone project.

The council was presented with the results of the Quiet Zone study which looked at various options to silence trains at crossings in the community.

The study took about a year to complete. The city paid about 20 percent of the cost of the Quiet Zone Study, which totaled about $4,000. The APO paid for the other 80 percent.

Each of the four options highlighted future upgrades that would need to be made in order to meet the basic requirements to become a quiet zone.

It was the consultant's recommendation to the council they go with the option that included adding a median along Second Avenue and creating entrance only alley access.

This would cost the city nearly $1-million. City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says it's not something the council wants to pursue at this time.

Johnson says if they decided to bring the Quiet Zone project back to the table the future they will use tonight's (Monday) data to make a decision.