Technology is invading our lives in every way, so why not our love lives? If you're a tech savvy lover, try out these ideas to show your significant other your love for them via the 21st century. 

Everyone and their brother it seems is on Instagram and Instagram's founder, Mike Krieger has a girlfriend who is also into building apps, or she asked her boyfriend for advice to create Lovestagram. Kaitlyn Trigger launched it last year as a way to create custom Valentine's Day cards. The app takes all of the pictures of you and your sweetie and puts them together as a slideshow that even comes complete with love and Valentine's Day themed picture frames.

How romantic is a love poem? Some of the best quotes I've ever written in cards have come from some epic love poems. Heck, I even had a song in my wedding that came from two love poems. If you love love poems, or you know your honey enjoys poetry, there are several love poem generators out there. Festisite allows you to customize it with your names. If you don't like what they come up with, there's a "Random Poem" generator you can use. You can also use Romeo's Magic, Links 2 Love or Poetry Soup for some lovely words for your lover.

Sure, dinner and a movie is a good date, but what if you didn't have to leave the house? There are tons of recipe sharing websites out there. Some of my favorites are Taste of Home (which also comes in magazine form), All Recipes, and if you're looking for the healthy route, Fat Secret. Don't forget social media sites like Pinterest. They all have romantic Valentine's Day recipe ideas so you can whip something up for your sweetie. As for the movies, look through your Netflix Instant Queue. No waiting for a table, no looking for a parking spot and no being subjected to the overly affectionate couple at the next table.

Remember making mix tapes for your crush? Who doesn't love a mix tape? Of course, with the advent of mp3, the "mix tape" has gone by the wayside, but there are ways around it. Spotify and Grooveshark have almost any song you can think of. You can create a customized play list of all the songs that mean something to the two of you and have them as the background music when you're eating dinner.

If you're the crafty type, or want to give it the old college try, Pinterest is chock full of craft ideas. My first Valentine's Day with Glen, I didn't have a lot of money to spare, so I made him a gift. I bought a cracker jar and some colored construction paper at Target and typed out all of the reasons I loved him and cut them down into little strips. I cut out little hearts from the colored paper to cover the jar so he couldn't read any of the sentiments. Every day for a year, he took out one slip of paper. One day, I was putting away laundry and I went to put away some socks, and there, in the sock drawer in a ziploc bag were all the little strips of paper.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a memorable Valentine's Day gift.