ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud police say a standoff ended peacefully Tuesday evening when a suspect surrendered to police.

Officers were making a felony traffic stop on a vehicle that was occupied by an individual that had an active felony warrant for a narcotics probation violation.

The warrant had information that the individual had weapons in the past.

The suspect did not comply with officer directions and ultimately started a standoff.

St. Cloud Police SWAT, and Tactical Negotiators were called to the scene where they blocked traffic at 3rd Street North and 23rd Avenue North in all directions.

Negotiations began and after two-and-a-half hours they were able to talk the suspect into surrendering peacefully.

26-year-old Juanel Mikulak was taken into custody.

Police say a female passenger was in the vehicle and released at the scene.

The Waite Park police department, Stearns and Benton County Sheriff Departments assisted in the arrest.


Police blocked off 3rd Street North and 23rd Ave North during the standoff. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News