I just watched a video of an adorable little boy, who was able to travel to the North Pole through a magical elevator, that took him to see Santa Claus! I was so excited! I want to find this magical elevator, so I went on a search and found that the only place with this magical elevator is in Massachusetts in the Natick Mall.

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I'm assuming that we can take our kids to Santa at the mall like my parents did when I was a kid, and what I did for MY three boys when they were little.  I remember it being sort of like the movie, "A Christmas Story," where there were long lines of people, and then you took pictures and my kids were tired and cranky by the time the photos were taken; the photos were always a battle and we were all exhausted from the experience when we got home from the mall.


But this! This would totally make my kids realize that Santa is real! They would still believe it today! The problem is, I don't think there is a location in our state that has this experience. It looks like it's only available at this specific mall in Massachusetts.

Watch this little boy's face light up when he pushes the button in the magical elevator to the North Pole.


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