One of the missions for our show is to introduce you to new technology. Every Tech Tuesday , you'll hear our special guests talk about the technology that is all around us and, on the horizon. It's our goal to explain the lightning fast changes in real world technology in down-to-earth language that encourages us to embrace the mysterious technology landscape.

This week our guest was Jinny Gudmundsen, the author of iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies and the respected USAToday Kid's Tech columnist. Jinny told us about four apps that can help your pre-schoolers establish and get used to routines. As a parent, I know how important a routine is when your kids are little, and Jinny says these apps are great for just that.

She talked about these four apps for the iPad

Bo’s Bedtime Story ($1.99)

The Going to Bed Book ($3.99)

Dr. Panda’s Hospital—Doctor Game for Kids ($1.99)

Pepi Bath ($1.99)

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