sales tax

Minnesota Lawmakers Start to Assess Rach of Sales Tax
In a prelude to a bigger debate, Minnesota lawmakers have taken their opening looks at plans to apply the state sales tax to online purchases and expensive apparel. A state Senate subcommittee on Wednesday reviewed a series of sales tax bills, including the one to make clothing sales above $200 tax…
Dayton: No Local, State Taxes For Vikes Stadium
Governor Mark Dayton and legislative leaders say the Minnesota Vikings and their supporters should find a way to pay for a new stadium that doesn't include local or state tax increases. That leaves a large hole in the current proposal for a $1.1 billion stadium in suburban Ramsey County.
Minn. Senate GOP Tax Bill Revives Local Aid Cuts
A tax package from Senate Republicans would reduce aid to cities and counties while giving them more latitude to raise local sales taxes. The bill presented Wednesday in the Senate Taxes Committee would also begin a gradual phase-out of the statewide business property tax while adding or expanding s…