Podcast; How is Medicare Changes in 2019 [AUDIO]
Paul Hamilton from Medicare Insurance Advisors joined me on WJON today. He explained that medicare is changes for some people in 2019. He said there is 4 forms for medicare starting with traditional medical that involves doctor visits, ER visits and co-pays and then there is expanded health care c…
Podcast; How to Job Network 10-1-18 [AUDIO]
Gail Cruikshank from the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation joined me today on WJON. She is their Talent Director. We discussed networking and how it is an ongoing process for those who currently have jobs and for those that don't.
Podcast; What Up Wednesday 9-12-18 [AUDIO]
Today on WJON's What Up Wednesday listeners talked quite a bit about religion. Listeners weren't happy with how the Catholic Church has handled sexual abuse cases, we talked about religion in schools, praying rooms, and adding religion to school's curriculum.
Podcast; Stearns County Attorney 9-12-18 [AUDIO]
Today on WJON Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall joined me. She indicated that investigative information from the Wetterling case will be released soon. Janelle also walked me through the process they go through when bring a case to trial.
Podcast; 2-Cent Tuesday 9-11-18 [AUDIO]
Today on WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday listener looked back at where they were 17 years ago when the attacks took place in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. They discussed how life has changed and how we felt about the attacks at the time.
Podcast; Jobs for Felons 9-5-18 [AUDIO]
Today on WJON I talked with longtime and now retired HR Director Dick Owen. Dick has been working with local authorities to help find employment for former felons. Dick explained how one of the prominent reasons for felons to re-offend is because they cannot find jobs.

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