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Albany Teacher to Receive Economic Excellence Award
An Albany Senior High School teacher is being honored for their commitment and contribution to economic education. Alan Amdahl will receive the 3M Economic Educator Excellence Award, which annually recognizes one educator for their contributions towards economics.
Proposed New Tech and Updated Apollo Plans Continue to Evolve
With a $167 million referendum fast approaching, more details are emerging for a new Tech and updated Apollo High School in St. Cloud. The most recent updated plans of both buildings were presented on Wednesday afternoon. The proposed new Tech High School would be 360,000 square feet and would hold …
St. Cloud Area School District Still Short on Bus Drivers
Several weeks into the new school year, the St. Cloud area school district is still experiencing a shortage of school bus drivers. There are around 9,000 students that the district buses to and from school every day. Four independent school bus operators serve the district.

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