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Winter Storm Warning continues into tomorrow
MnDOT says driving conditions are difficult to fair
Three facing charges after bar fight
Farmers face possible drought
Monticello Nuclear Plant shut down for maintenance
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Police Jail Man Suspected of Assaulting Bar Patron
Police arrested a St. Cloud man on suspicion of assault after an altercation at a downtown St. Cloud bar. Officers were called to McRudy's Pub just before 1:30 this morning after a man said he was hit with a beer bottle and threatened with a knife.
Buffalo Man Gets Prison Time In One-Punch Fatal Assault
A man has been sentenced to five years in prison for a one-punch assault outside a St. Michael bar that led to another man's death. Wright County District Judge Kathleen Mottl on Friday issued the maximum sentence to 24-year-old Alexander Tuomisto that she could under the terms of Tuomisto&apo…