ST. CLOUD - Supporters of a plan to renovate Tech High School's Clark Field held a fundraising kick-off event this (Monday) evening in downtown St. Cloud.

Roger Haxby graduated from Tech in 1953.  He lives in Anchorage, Alaska now, but came back home for the event.  Haxby says it's important for the Tiger football team to have a home field again.

Bob Obermiller of St. Cloud graduated from Tech High School in 1947.  He says a renovated Clark Field would go in line with all of the other projects that have been happening in that area of town.

The plan for the $3.2 million project includes installing artificial turf, as well as replacing or refurbishing the bleachers, lights, team rooms, restrooms and concession stands.  That would be done while retaining the existing the look and feel of the historic WPA facility.

Spokesman Jim Dahl says half the money will come from grants and donations from supporters.  A lot of the work, like the designs and excavating work has also been donated by local businesses.

The St. Cloud Area School District is expected to pick-up the tab for the other $1.5 million.  That's where it gets a little bit tricky, the district has $500,000 in a Capital Reserve Fund. The other $1 million could have been taken out of the existing operational levy.  However, Board Chair Bruce Mohs says that money will most likely be eaten-up by repairs made when the roof collapsed at Tech High School this summer.  Mohs says one option would be to attach a Clark Field question to the extension of the operating levy, which will go to the voters next fall.  But, even if that would pass, the money wouldn't be collected until 2015 or 2016.  Any decision from the school district would have to be recommended by the Superintendent, then voted on by the school board.

Supporters have said they are hoping to have the project completed by the fall of 2015.

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