ST. CLOUD -- Lack of sleep, endless hours of study, and plenty of pizza and pop barely get students through a stressful finals week.

As the term ends, students look for different ways to stay calm. Meditation gives students a way to heal the mind by finding inner focus and peace so they can finish the semester strong.

Coordinator of Heal the Mind and Succeed with Meditation program, Nalindrani Malimage says meditation gives students more focus and discipline.

"Controlling ones thoughts is really vital for success in any field. So when it comes to study's students need to practice mindful meditation which gives them more discipline and focus," says Malimage.

Malimage believes in lending a hand to students so they can succeed in class.

"I went to this one student who was in tears, held her hand and asked if she was alright. I told her about the meditation session and after the class she hugged me. So I really felt how much this can help people," says Malimage.

Meditation sessions are held monthly in Atwood Memorial Center at St. Cloud State University. The next session is Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.