ST. JOSEPH - The U.S. Constitution is the bedrock of the United States Government, yet most Americans know very little about the document.  Members of the St. Joseph American Legion want to start changing that.

Club Commander Chuck Kern says they're hosting three informational sessions on the Constitution.

Kern says too often it's being misinterpreted.

The U.S. Constitution was created in 1787 in Philadelphia, and ratified by the states in 1788.  It separates the powers between three branches: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive.  The first 10 amendments are known as the Bill Of Rights.  Since it's inception, it's been amended 27 times.

The St. Joseph American Legion will host their free session this Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. It will include an hour long DVD, followed by a discussion.

Two more sessions will be held on November 12th and December 10th. Kern says they'd like to eventually bring their presentation to area schools.

This video below is NOT the video they'll be showing at the session on Tuesday, but for those of us who remember the Schoolhouse Rock, I thought you might enjoy a little refresher: