ST. JOSEPH -- The College of St. Benedict held its first annual "Big Sale" yesterday in which discarded furniture and appliances were sold back to students at a low price.

The Big Sale is the second part to the "Stash It, Don't Trash It" initiative in which students were asked not to throw away their unwanted furnishings.

Student Alex Chocholousek says the idea is to decrease the number of useful furniture and appliances being disposed into landfills.

"It's amazing, the things that are left behind," Chocholousek says. "It's a tragedy to us that it'd have to go to a landfill."

Chocholousek says that half of the proceeds from the sale go to local charities like the Community Kitchen with the other half going to St. Ben's Campus Sustainability.

"This is part of our office's mission to thread sustainability into our culture," Chocholousek says. "When you throw a couch into the dumpster it doesn't just go away, it goes and sits in a landfill."

"We just want to keep that stuff out of there, and recycling is great," Chocholousek says.  "So if you can get some nice stuff on the cheap, why not?"


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON