ST. CLOUD -- The Select Committee on Living Wage Jobs made a stop in St. Cloud today (Tuesday) to discuss with workers if Minnesota's economy is working for you?

Representative Ryan Winkler (DFL-Golden Valley) was one of six representatives at today's meeting. He says it's important for Legislators to understand what's happening around different parts of the state.

The Select Committee has been traveling throughout the state listening to workers and employees concerns and at each meeting there has been one common theme.

Around forty percent of the jobs in the state don't pay a living wage.

Rep. Winkler says that while Minnesota seems to be doing better then the rest of the country, the economic level is still at a downward slide.

At the meeting the public had a chance to talk about their jobs and economic status, as well provide input on how to improve the local economy.

Representative Winkler and his staff will continue to collect thoughts and ideas of how to improve Minnesota's economy and will have a report ready to bring to the House of Representatives in 2014 session.