ST. CLOUD -- Photography, paintings, and more will be showcased by emerging artists inspired by their peers.

St. Cloud State University is hosting their 2nd annual Miller Center Art Show Reception,  Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Student artist Nick Beaty says most of his photography is made when he gives up control of the process.

"A lot of my work is based on process and taking my own hand out of that process. Where I will see what happens when I give up control, so a lot of what I do in photography is go around and take pictures of people I encounter on the street, and in there is the random chance of who I might run into."

Beaty says most of the art professors on campus are successful artists and have helped inspire him in his own art. This year the Miller Center and the Art Student Union brought in two jurors from the Paramount to pick the work to showcase.

The art will be displayed until January 8.

This story was written by WJON Intern Jacob Lundy.