SAUK RAPIDS - The Sauk Rapids city council has tightened the regulations on who is allowed to sell electronic cigarettes.

City Attorney Adam Ripple says there was no licensing requirement for a business to sell e-cigs in the city limits.

So far only businesses already licensed to sell conventional tobacco products have been selling the e-cigs, so there hasn't been an issue.  But, there has been one proposed business opening that would sell only the electronic cigarettes.  The change in the city ordinance just folds the e-cigs into the same ordinance as the other smoking devices, and requires the same licensing.

The owner of the ECig Lounge in Waite Park spoke during the public hearing, saying he supports the ordinance change.

The ordinance change only affects the sale of electronic cigarettes in Sauk Rapids, it does not limit their use.  However, it's possible the state legislature could vote to limit their use indoors in the future.