ST. PAUL - Governor Mark Dayton has proposed a $986 million bonding bill this year.

Several local projects have made it into the Governor's proposal, including the River's Edge Convention Center.

The Governor is recommending the full $11.6 million that's being requested to build a parking ramp, along with other amenities.

He's also recommending the St. Cloud prison get the full $32.5 million they're requesting for upgrades.

And, $1.13 million for St. Cloud Metro Bus.

The biggest single project on Dayton's list is $126 million to complete the restoration of the state Capitol.  Higher education would also get $233 million.

A couple local projects left out of the Governor's proposal are the Benton County Road 3 project, and the extension of the Lake Wobegon Trail.

Leaders in both the House and Senate still have to release their proposals.