ST. PAUL -- Steve Gottwalt is one of three St. Cloud area lawmakers that return to the State Capitol tomorrow (Tuesday).

Gottwalt says solving the budget deficit is really a two-part issue.

Gottwalt was first elected to House District 15A in 2006.  He's starting his 3rd term in office.

State Representative Larry Hosch returns to St. Paul now as a member of the minority party.  The Democrat from St. Joseph says it will be different, but he has been in the minority party before.

Hosch is starting his 4th term in office, representing House District 14B.

Republican Michelle Fishbach returns to the State Senate.  The Republican from Paynesville has been in the Senate since 1996.  She's beginning her 6th term in office.

The 2011 State Legislative Session begins at noon tomorrow (Tuesday).  It will run into May.