WJON's Question of the Week asked you to name a memorable St. Cloud area contributor or someone who went on to state or national celebrity.



What Famous Local People Did You Remember?

Celebrity or Newsworthy

Bobby Vee -- singer, producer
John Stumpf -- CEO Wells Fargo, from Pierz, went to St. Cloud State University
Gig Young -- actor, born Byron Bahr
June Marlowe -- actress, born Gisela Goetten

Sports Figures

Todd Baumann -- professional football player
Eric Decker -- professional football player
Jim Eisenreich -- professional baseball player
Rip Ripulski -- professional baseball player, from Sauk Rapids
The Sauer Family -- professional baseball, hockey and football players
Keith and Jim Fahnhorst -- professional football players, brothers from St. Cloud
Sodbuster Kenny Jay -- professional wrestler
Nate Wolters -- professional basketball player
Keith Nord -- professional football player, played at SCSU

Local Celebrities

Sinclair Lewis -- writer from Sauk Centre
Dean Taylor -- Cathedral High School Football Coach
A.G. Whitney -- philanthropist
Samuel Pandolfo -- founder of the Pan Motor Company
Andy Hilger -- broadcaster
Bill and Virginia Clemens -- philanthropists


What other famous people have contributed to our community? Add your contributions in the comments below.