It's easy to imagine a Muppet Babies-version of Kevin Love in the grocery store, laying on his stomach and kicking his feet in the middle of the aisle because his mother would not buy him Golden Grahams AND Trix cereal, making him choose only one until she gave in and bought both.

Or to picture the spoiled child not getting to be on his best friend's team in a recess basketball game, only to take his ball and go home, stomping all the way until the other kids call him back and agree to let him be on whichever team he wants.

Poor Kevin Love only will make $15.7 million to play basketball for six months a year, more than you or I will make in ten lifetimes, but he just isn't happy in Minnesota because "they" aren't good enough to make it to the playoffs.

Instead of taking personal responsibility for the Wolves' lack of success in his six years with the team, Love is stomping his feet, throwing a fit and demanding to play with someone else.

Instead of simply asking for a change of scenery, Love is demanding to pick which team he ends up with and essentially destroying any leverage the Timberwolves may have in orchestrating a trade with a willing partner.

The popular theory is that Love was 'offended' that the Wolves and GM David Kahn 'only' offered him a four-year, $62 million deal. Poor Kevin Love.

If he was so perturbed by the contract, if it was so offensive, then why sign it at all?

I would be a terrible GM, because if I am Flip Saunders I make Kevin Love play out the string in Minnesota.

Let him face his teammates in the locker room. Let him face the fans 41 times this season at Target Center. Let him whine and pout his way through the season. Make it uncomfortable for the boy who always gets his way.

The NBA has a major crisis on it's hands with the inmates running the asylum.

Collusion is apparently acceptable, with free agents 'teaming up' and taking less money to form super-teams in desirable cities such as Miami and Los Angeles, while teams in Minnesota, Milwaukee, Sacramento and Utah essentially have no chance to win a damn thing year after year.

Sure, the money is rolling in now for the league, with former commissioner David Stern estimating revenue at $5 billion as recently as 2012, but as the NFL has proven the fans will start to become disenfranchised without some semblance of parity.

I, for one, used to be a huge NBA fan when the league featured a number of teams that could realistically challenge for the crown on a yearly basis. But at this point I don't bother because the Timberwolves LITERALLY have a 0% chance to win anything, including the comically-corrupt draft lottery.