Meet Capone and Fendi at the Tri-County Humane Society.



Tri-County Humane Society

Meet Capone.

Capone is a neutered 3 ½ year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix.

He came to the shelter because his owner had too many dogs.

With that said, Capone has met a few other dogs in the past and did just fine with them.

He is very playful and affectionate and also loves belly rubs.

Capone has the energy of a puppy and would do great with an owner that has the time to channel that energy into an appropriate outlet.

If an active and foolishly friendly dog sounds like a match, then Capone could be for you.



Tri-County Humane Society

Meet Fendi.

Fendi is a spayed 2 ½ year old cat who came in with her two kittens.

She spent a little time in foster care to raise her little ones.

There she was around other cats and did really well with them.

They said Fendi was quite affectionate and cuddly.

She’s not very particular with what she plays with, she just likes to play.

Don’t bother trying to wipe that smudge off of her nose – it’s there to stay and it’s her trademark!



Check out all the animals available for adoption by going to the Tri-County Humane Society’s website or Facebook page. Or visit them at 735 8th Street Northeast in St. Cloud. They’re open Monday through Thursdays Noon to 6; Fridays noon to 8; Saturdays 11 to 5; and Sundays Noon to 5.