ST. CLOUD -- Years ago it was common to have an 8 Track Player in your car. Today 8 Tracks would lead a younger generation asking what it is.

Today (Friday) is National 8 Track Tape day, an item Paul Ciarrochi knows a lot about.

"My first car had an 8 Track player in it and I had a bunch of 8 Tracks that I carried along with me," says Ciarrochi.

His love for 8 Tracks grew and over the years has collected about 500 different tapes.

"I collect mainly the rock ones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, stuff I still listen too," says Ciarrochi.

But for those who have never used an 8 Track, exactly how does it work?

"They play on a continuous loop," says Ciarrochi. "Unlike cassettes where you needed to flip them over and rewind, these would continue to play after they got back to the beginning."

Even with the invention of CD's, and MP3 players, Ciarrochi still says he breaks out the 8 Track player to listen to his favorite songs.

"Once and a while sure I'll pop a tape in, they still sound great," says Ciarrochi.

Ciarrochi says while he doesn't actively look for new 8 Track tapes, he always keeps an eye open in case he comes across one he can add to the collection.


Paul Ciarrochi plays one of his 8 Tracks. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)