UNDATED - Coming this fall, you'll have another option for striking it rich with the Minnesota State Lottery. Executive Director Ed Van Petten says Minnesota is one of 22 states launching the new "Monopoly Millionaires' Club" game on October 19th.

He says more players will have a chance to win a million dollars, compared to the Powerball and Mega Millions games..

And, you will be able to enter a drawing for a chance to play on a game show...

Billy Gardell from the TV show "Mike & Molly" has signed on to be the host of the weekly game show.

Van Petten admits the "Monopoly Millionaires Club" is a complicated game, but he says once you've played it a few times you'll catch on.

Your odds of winning are better, 1 in 73 million for this new game, compared to 1 in 175 million for the Powerball and 1 in 258 million for the Mega Millions. However, at five-bucks a ticket, it's more expensive to play.