ST. CLOUD -- A national library effort is making its way to Central Minnesota, it's called, Little Free Library.

The neighborhood book exchange started in California as a way to spark conversation and allow people to share their common interests.

The library contains a collection of books displayed in your front yard, which are kept in a creative bookcase that you intend to share with the community.

The bookshelf can be homemade or purchased from the Little Free Library website.

Melissa Prescott and her sister Jennie Kalpin are both St. Cloud residents who have Little Free Libraries of their own. Melissa is a librarian at St. Cloud State University and says a family friend built the bookcase for her.

Jennie says many of her neighbors contribute to her library regularly. Melissa's library has sparked international interest in the Little Free Library program.

The Lake George Neighborhood Association is planning to put up three additional Little Free Libraries in the coming months.

To be part of the official Little Free Library movement you can register online to get authorization and be included on the national website map.

See a video of the Little Free Library below.