ST. PAUL - There could be a couple major changes to our election system in Minnesota.  The House Elections Committee yesterday (Thursday) passed two bills out of committee.

State Representative Tim O'Driscoll of Sartell sits on that committee.  He says the first one would change the process for the electoral college and the Presidential election.

In other words, if the change were to happen, Minnesota's 10 electoral votes would go to the more popular candidate nationwide, not necessarily with the candidate who got the most votes in Minnesota.

O'Driscoll says he voted to move the bill along to the House floor, but he hasn't decided yet on how he'll vote on the issue on the floor.

The other bill passed by the committee would move the state's Primary Election from August up to June.  O'Driscoll says the moved-up date could help to improve voter turnout, because families may not have started their summer vacations yet.

Both bills are now eligible for the House floor to vote on.