ST. CLOUD - When Jim Van Vooren tells people he's a milk man he sometimes gets puzzled looks.

Van Vooren is one of two milk men still around in the St. Cloud and surrounding area who do home deliveries, keeping his service frozen in time.

He and his wife Monica bought Jim's Home Delivery in October 2001 when the former owner's wife was diagnosed with cancer.

Van Vooren delivers milk in his yellow and white truck rain or shine four times a week to over 150 local customers.

Many of his dairy products come from area farms. He sells a small variety of frozen food and dairy including cheese and eggs.

Van Vooren says even though his products are more expensive than local grocery stores, customers save money in the long run by only buying items they need.

He adds that an unplanned milk run to the grocery store could result in excess spending.

Over the years Van Vooren has established close personal relationships with many of his customers.

He says a loyal customer named Lillian always gives him fresh raspberries from her bushes in the summer.

Customer, Shirley Mcnary has been getting her milk delivered for three years. It's a service she says she relies on because she doesn't have a license.

For Van Vooren, delivering milk has become a way for him to get to know the local community.

See a video of Jim's Home Delivery below.