UNDATED - A challenging economy continues to loom large, and the Better Business Bureau has some helpful suggestions on how to manage one of winter's biggest headaches - the cost of heating your home.

According to the Energy Information Administration, home heating costs are expected to jump 10 percent for homeowners this winter. Fortunately, there are ways to winterize your home to shave off some of those expenses.

First, check on the efficiency of your furnace. Furnaces older than 15 years might not work properly and could need to be replaced.

Consider using your fireplace - but make sure you have your chimney swept for things like nests, debris and leaves.

Have your gutters and vents cleaned out to remove blockages.  Clogged gutters can trap and freeze rainwater, and blocked vents can circulate stale air through your house.

Lastly, check the caulking around your doors and windows for tight seals and repair cracks, which allow cold air into your home.

The Better Business Bureau reminds you that, while home maintenance can seem like a headache during this busy holiday month, it'll give you the peace of mind that your home is secure, safe and energy efficient - which will save you money.