The Minnesota State Fair is set to return in 2021 after being forced to cancel in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Between the virus and the unrest in the Twin Cities, are you confident that you will be safe at the fair this year?

Last week I published a list of some of the new attractions and exhibits at the fair this year. Just like with every other post we have done about this year's fair, there were a number of comments from people saying they would not be attending due to safety concerns.

Lily (via Facebook):

"I’m not going too many violent crimes for me in the area. I always took a cooler with to save on drinks and buy more food. So I don’t care about checking everything entering I think it could help but you still have to go outside and anything could happen anywhere."

Julia (via Facebook):

All the shootings down there… Who would want to go?

Sarah (via Facebook):

With the crime rate in the cities, I would almost be scared to go. I grew up in the cities and loved the fair. But now there random mass shootings and I wouldn't necessarily trust the people at the door to check for weapons... Until the cities gets their poop in a group I'll steer clear of the fair this year.

Will you be attending the Minnesota State Fair this year or will you be sitting this one out?

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