UNDATED -- The Minnesota Department of natural Resources has some reminders and some tips for cabin owners who are looking to take their boats, docks and boat lifts out of the water for the winter.

The DNR is reminding you it is illegal to transport any watercraft which has invasive species like zebra mussels, faucet snails or Eurasian Water Milfoil away from water access...even if it is to put them in storage.

If your boat comes from an infested waterway, the DNR is offering you a one-way pass you can download from their website. That pass allows you to take it to a cleaning area and ultimately to winter storage.

If you are taking docks, boat lifts and pumps from the water, you can place those along the adjacent shoreline without a permit. They may be placed back in the water in the spring without cleaning them. However, watercraft must be cleaned before putting them in the water next season.

The DNR is also asking lakeshore owners in non-infested waters to inspect their equipment for invasive species, take a picture, keep a sample and notify the DNR if you find those invasive species.

To download a copy of the transport pass, click here.

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