Did the time change mess you up today? Did you wake up at your 'natural' time? Does the fact that you woke up an hour late, make you late for work? Or do you get up early enough to still get there by skipping your morning workout, coffee or making your bed?

This time change stuff...I'm just not into it. It doesn't really make sense. The sun still rises like it's supposed to. Why are we trying to CHANGE it? We are just kidding ourselves.


Do Roosters follow our time change?  No.

Don't doctors tell us we should get in a pattern of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day?  So right when we get it all figured out, you have to throw an hour difference in the mix and expect everything to run smoothly today, tomorrow over the next couple weeks?  Unlikely.

Do I sound crabby? Well...I was so worried about the time change thinking that I'd wake up naturally at my typical wake-up time, that I didn't get any sleep. Now I'm tired and crabby.

Remember last week's post...Judges pass down harsher judgments the day after  springing forward.


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