SARTELL - The head of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation says he's looking forward to learning more about the company buying the Verso Paper Mill.

C-E-O John Kramer says the Verso Corporation sent out a Request for Proposals last November.  He says, because it's a publicly traded company, the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation couldn't have access to any potential suitors, unless those suitors contacted them.

Kramer says some companies did reach out to them for information on the region and the state.  But, he says he never got a call from anyone representing AIM.  He says most of the potential buyers he talked to specialized in redeveloping closed paper mills and then reselling the property, but he has no idea if that's what AIM has in mind.

AIM Development could come forward themselves with information.  He says it would be nice to know who they are, and what their intentions are.