ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man has pleaded guilty to second degree assault and fleeing police stemming from a high speed chase last December.

A police officer tried to pull over 31-year-old Christopher Halbakken after he was spotted driving without his headlights on in St. Cloud. According to the criminal complaint, Halbakken initially got out of his vehicle, but then jumped in and took off. The officer noticed a handgun sticking out from under the driver's seat.

Halbakken drove north on 9th Avenue, over the Sauk Rapids bridge, and onto Golden Spike Road toward Gilman. He eventually went into the ditch.

The chase reached speeds of 85 miles an hour.

No gun was found in the vehicle, Halbakken says the threw it out the window. Mounted police searched for the gun but never found it.

Halbakken will be sentenced to a year in jail on a staggered sentence, meaning he can serve the sentence in segments based on whether he abides by the conditions of his probation. Halbakken can also ask the court to dismiss remaining jail time if he is doing well on probation and is following all guidelines.