CLEARWATER -- Volunteer spirit is running wild in Clearwater as the city's parks board continues to grow.

Clearwater appointed two new members, April Vasecka and JonPaul Dufour to its parks commission at Monday night's council meeting.

Council member Andrea Lawrence says she thinks each person will bring fresh ideas to the table.

Vasecka is a Clearwater resident who frequently brings her children to the area parks. Lawrence says Vasecka's knowledge of the town will be an asset to the board.

"[She's] been a fairly long standing member in the community, that usually comes with some good ideas."

Dufour is a St. Cloud resident who enjoys using Clearwater's parks. Lawrence says his experience being outside of the city will help bring a different perspective on future park designs.

"[He] actually doesn't live in Clearwater which I think [he'll provide] a good second opinion, that's outside of the city but he belongs to an organization that leases one of our parks regularly. Also he comes with experience from the Minneapolis Parks Board."

Each new member will serve three years on the board.

As of right now there is a total five members on the parks board. Lawrence says five members is the board's limit but if someone would still like to join they can make accommodations.

"We [will] still take applications though because two of those commission members are council members. Those council members would be happy to fill it up with townspeople instead."

If you are interested in joining the Clearwater Parks Commission, visit the Clearwater City Hall or email City Administrator, Kevin Kress.

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